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Happy Halloween

Boo … Just wanted to say Happy Halloween. I have my costume and psyche ready to move into another dimension this evening. One of my most favorite holidays in the year!  Maybe I will make a visit to the local haunted graveyard this evening and really scare myself.

Happy Halloween

halloween candle photograph

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Photoshop Merge Up Technique

If you edit using multiple layers in Photoshop, the use of the Merge Up technique is very helpful. It eliminates the need for saving multiple copies of an image in various stages of editing.  Also, not only does it save on disk space, but helpful for finding, organizing and retrieving edits associated with an image.

To use Photoshop to Merge Up Layers is actually quite easy. First, select the layers you would like to Merge by clicking on the first and last layer in the Layer Palette while holding down the Shift Key. Once selected all of your layers will be highlighted as illustrated below:

Photoshop Layers SelectedNext, hold down the Alt/Option Key and go to the top toolbar in Photoshop and select Layer > Merge Visible.   mergevisiblePhotoshop will then create an additional Layer, which I always rename Merge-Up.

Merge Up Layer

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