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Alligators, Babies and More

Alligators, babies and more were the target of my shoot last Sunday at the Myakka State  Park. Recently, this has become our go to spot for hiking and general immersion in nature. It is really quite beautiful to see and be in “old Florida”. One of the few natural habitats in my area (southwest Florida) that has not been infiltrated by non indigenous plant species. Everything from palm and oak trees, Spanish moss, exotic birds and of course alligators grow freely, protected and uninhibited there.

We are always on the lookout for alligators. It is easy to spot their hangout spots  always close to the shoreline and filled with sun. The vegetation is brown amongst tall green grass and literally all smashed down from their endless lounging.  Luckily they seem to hangout on the opposite side of the river as the hiking trail. But one never knows when or where they may cross over, which adds to the adventure of the hike. Often times we see them in water; their partial snout and eyes just right above the waterline taking it all in or maybe spotting prey. Lets hope not human.

This past week, I had my Canon 5D Mark II camera with the 70-200 f2.8L lens. I used a mono-pod for stability and even though the wind was pretty kicked up, I was happy with my images. It is hard to go wrong with that lens. Give it plenty of shutter speed and the rendering is beautiful.  Although I love nature and totally enjoy being in it,  I will admit, unless I am with a group of photographers, I am not much of a landscape photographer.  It requires a level of patience I currently do not have. There as such wonderful landscape photographers, professional and amateur that know how to capture the essence of a scene. I am much more of a zoom in on the details type of person/photographer. This I believe is illustrated with my portfolio at

Regardless, I had a blast on Sunday and here is a shot of the alligators we saw. This shot contains a momma and baby alligators off to the right somewhat concealed in the vegetation. Very fascinating!

Alligators in the wilds of old Florida

alligator, babies

Momma with baby alligators.

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The Passing of Time

“Time is the fire in which we burn”  ~ Scott Garrabrant

As another New Year rolls in, the emphasis on passing of time is on many people’s minds. We often reflect of what occurred the previous year and hopefully plan for the coming or current year. We all have our memorable moments ranging from intimate to entertaining to world events. For me, our family gained two new baby girls who are just a delight and of course beautiful. The St Louis Cardinals once again played some decent baseball, making it into the play-offs. I was stunned by Robin Williams death and to this day try to have more compassion for others, not knowing what demons they may be facing.  The Ebola outbreak and the three downed Asian commercial air crafts were scary and the landing of the Rosetta Space Craft after a 10 year journey astounding. They were many more moments all evoking an emotional response from us, all extracting time from us to process the events.  Some joyful, often they are painful or alarming.

This brings me back to my quote at the beginning of the post, “Time is the fire in which we burn”.  A very dramatic statement said by an often intense, fully alive person.

I vow this year in 2015 to be more conscious of my time, using it wisely not only in business but for fun and pleasure also. Appreciate the small stuff that happens each and every day. When I feel stuck, I want to push thru to the other side and not be such a perfectionist or fearful about the outcome.

We are all organisms here for a limited amount of time. Let us burn wisely.

Abstract Digital Time

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