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iPad Screen Revitalized

I had been having some problems here lately with my iPad. It is a couple of years old and  just didn’t seem as shiny and bright as when I got it.  Also, at times I had problems accessing links sent to me via the messaging system, though I did seem to get around that problem using various different creative techniques.

Initially, I got the iPad to show my portfolio to galleries and projects to clients and it is helpful for those purposes.  Also, I had visions of creating a stunning iPhone portfolio and although that has not transpired, I do enjoy working on my iPhone images with various apps on the iPad, especially when traveling. It is a wonderful creativity booster.

But what I really love is  iBook.

But then I had a problem with iBook!! Since getting my iPad, I have become addicted to the darn thing for reading. I thought I would never give up the thrill of turning a paper page of a physical book; then there was the iBook.  In addition, I had access to the iBook store, more commonly known as iTunes. I love that I can lay in bed, or on the couch or be in the airport and shop for books. And for some reason, which, I refuse to question, I read at a much greater speed.

Recently, I had been reading this fabulous book by Victor E. Frankl, “Man’s Search for Meaning” and using the highlighting function. Although, the book nearly brought me to tears at times, I am enthralled with the message. I am using the highlighting feature of the iBook program constantly. I am 160 pages into an 183 page book, highlighting a specific passage and guess what, it highlights the entire book!!  Oh …. s_ _ t!!

I spend some time trying to figure out how to undo, and when I do it deletes ALL of my highlighted passages. I am very discouraged with technology and Apple; I ignore my iPad for about 18 hours.

Lazy Sunday morning arrives, I forgive my iPad and iBook and take up reading the book again. ( I generally don’t hold grudges.)  I am lying on the couch, my iPad screen is being side lit by the sun and I notice the smudges and grim on my iPad screen. I think “this looks disgusting”. I examine a little further and begin to research how should I be cleaning this darn thing, my beloved iPad.  It wasn’t it’s fault after all.

Cleaning your iPad

1) Depending on the degree of filth, you might want to take it out of the case.

2) Optional, blow some of the external dirt or fibers off the device.

3) Some sites recommended using some kind of cleaner, but I took Apple recommendations and just used a soft, lint free cloth. It was a cloth I had previously purchased to use on my Apple monitor.

I was amazed how quickly it removed all the smudges and guess what, I am back in love with my beautiful, bright and wonderful retina screen iPad!! I love this device so much, maybe I should just break down and give it a name!

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Etsy Treasuries

Several of my pieces were featured in Etsy Treasuries this week. Thought I would share a few of them with you and if you are part of Etsy any type of promoting would be greatly  appreciated. The Etsy Treasury is often a very creative grouping of items for sale. The beauty is on any Etsy Treasuries is you are not suppose to promote yourself. So it is one artist helping another.

Peaches & Cream Treasury

Peaches & CreamFeatured Print:  Folds of Love

Folds of Love

Treasury of True Fairy. Valentine Gifts.

True Fairy TreasuryFeatured Print:  “Anticipation”


the imitation game – birth control

the imitation game- birth controlFeatured Print:  “Birth Control”

Birth Control

If you only knew my story

If you only knew my storyFeatured Print:  “Rest Stop”

Rest Stop


2015.02.09Featured Print: “Gotham Power”

Gotham PowerThere were others, but I think this is enough for one week. Lots of great Artist on Etsy, so if you a chance or looking for anything from art to jewelry to beautifully crocheted items, give the artists at Etsy a look.

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Survival – New Black and White Print

Just wanted to share “Survival” one of the latest black and white prints I have available for sale. It is an image of a Florida tree living in salt water or maybe just barely hanging on for life. Shot in Sarasota bay waters where mangroves, sea-grapes and a variety of water fowl feed and live. (yes, it is saltwater, so no alligators do not live there)  I went out that day because it looked like their would be heavy fog and this particular spot provides a harbor for quite a few sailboats. I was looking for that misty, dewy, foggy morning with sailboats vaguely revealing themselves. Those shots didn’t come out as well as I would of liked, but then this particular tree caught my attention. It also has caught the attention of many water birds as they perched on the branches either resting themselves or fishing.

I used black and white in post processing and wanted a rather overexposed background to simulate and remind me of the fog of the day. It was a great day to be shooting and it helped jump start my creativity.

“Survival” by Susan McAnany

SurvivalThanks for reading and more of my work can be viewed at or at my Etsy Store.