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Color Profiles Revisited

I just got back from a workshop where the topic of Color Profiles came up and light bulb went off in my brain. Maybe that is why learning is called enlightenment.  Back to the subject of profiles; the ones I have most often have used are sRGB and Adobe RGB (1998).  At the workshop ProPhoto RGB was discussed and recommended for photographic images.

Just what is a Color Profile you may be asking.  It is a set of numbers (data) that allows you to define characteristics of how color on a device will be handled and /or the range of colors that will be displayed or printed. It is an important aspect of color management and an integral part of displaying or printing your imagery.  Below lists some of the main color profiles we use today along with information on when to use them.

sRGB is probably the most widely known and used profile with the most limited color range. It is my understanding most browser (but not all) on the internet display images in this profile. If you ever upload an image to the web without that color profile your work may look rather dull or muted.

Adobe RGB (1998) displays a wider color gamut than sRGB and is often the industry standard for printers and displays.  This is the profile I have historically assigned to my images.

ProPhoto RGB color space was originally developed by Kodak and also known as ROMM RGB.  It offers a very large gamut of color range and capable of capturing more detail especially in saturated colors. It does have its drawbacks though and appropriate for use on 16 bit files only. It is not recommended for 8 bit images.

My workflow is to capture in RAW, where no color profile is assigned yet. I process using Adobe Bridge and in ACR will be now assigning ProPhoto RGB during that process. Prior to printing, I will be converting to Adobe RGB and prior to uploading anything to the web I will be converting to sRGB. The theory it is best to capture and store the widest color possible, especially with the rapid development in technology. This way you have the data for the future when the technology is here.

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Camera Research

I have a little money burning in a hole in my pocket these days due to a possession I sold specifically with the idea of using the proceeds to finance a new camera. Photokina occurred last week and Vendors are announcing new cameras and gadgets. I am definitely looking everything. I grew up shooting Nikon and Fuji and then five or six years ago I made the switch to Canon. Recently I have been looking at the Nikon’s D800E and it’s 36 megapixel capabilities and contemplating a switch back. Of course, as we all know when it comes to great photography the person behind the camera and the vision is really what makes it happen.

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Architecture Photography Prints

A self assigned Architecture project yielded some great images on a recent trip to New York.

Summer is winding down in most parts of the country, but it’s still hot-hot in Florida. A great time to go to the beach, swim in the pool and have generally laid back tropical days. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to take photos and for me that is when a self-assign assignment comes in handy. This past month, my assignment has been architecture. It helped that I had a trip planned to NY City, the land of meg sky scrappers and lots of positive energy. It was very steamy there also, so I didn’t get quite as many images as I had planned, but I love the ones I got.  I have uploaded a few to my site, that I invite you to visit. Here is one to entice you.

“Rest Stop”

architecture photo art print
Interior courtyard of city building.

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