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Happy Thanksgiving – Kick off the Holiday Season

thanksgiving holiday

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving that along with being a great holiday is also the kick off of the big holiday season. I try hard to take one holiday at a time and of the two, Thanksgiving is quickly becoming more of a favorite. Without all of the Christmas retail hoopla it is easier to take time and appreciate all of the wonderful things I have in my life. This year I will be spending it with my family, which, will make it extra special. Along with giving thanks or as my Mom used to say “count your blessings”, I always love the fabulous smells that come with Thanksgiving. From the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the baking pumpkin pies to the spices of the dressing to the roasting turkey it is one great day of sensory overload for our olfactory perception.

So remember to kiss your loved ones, appreciate all that you have and enjoy the day!

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Studio Time

Here lately I have allocated some time everyday to “studio time”.  Although I am usually in and out of my space everyday for a number of reasons from getting equipment to doing a shoot, I wanted to see what happens it I just sit in there and think, read, write and look around. I was amazed at the amount of creative thoughts that come my way by allowing myself to just pause for a little while stay off the iPhone, iPad, computer, camera and just sit in an area where I create.  It actually has become a sort of a refuge now. Instead of craving the evening television, (I am a bit of a TV addict) I go to my studio and sit. I found I love to have coffee in my studio with pen in hand and do some writing. I am making an effort during this time to keep off my electronic toys. Like a lot of other people, all of my devices have become  a bit of an addiction or here lately I am thinking maybe a big distraction. So leaving them behind during this special studio time is very beneficial.

Now my studio is in my home, so having a morning cup of jo is pretty convenient, but the thought behind this message is to stimulate creativity sometimes we need to disconnect from our electronic toys and busy lives and get back to some analog activities such as reading, writing and pondering in a designated space and new thoughts will emerge. At least for me this special studio time has helped stimulate my creativity.


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