About Susan

About Me 

susan mcanany

My passion is photography and I participate in it most days and nights.

It all started in college in Missouri, when a friend gave me a camera and I captured that first image and the power of a moment frozen in time captured me. I know it may sound hooky, but it is the truth.

Later, while working in the computer industry, I attended and graduated from the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda, Md., where the magic of the darkroom solidified my love for the photographic arts. With today’s digital technology, making images and art has never been so much fun!

I have been fortunate to work and prosper in many areas of photography including portraiture, commercial, event and stock.  Today, I live in Sarasota, Florida and focused on creating and promoting my fine art prints. I have sold prints throughout the globe and it always intrigues what image excites someone.  My work is diverse. I am attracted to vibrant colors and capturing a unique perspective. I am also attracted to vintage  objects or buildings that have a story to tell with their very survival.  Regardless, I strive to make each piece unique and worthy of hanging.  I invite you to view my work at www.susanmcanany.com.