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Yosemite’s Giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove

Recently we made a stop to see Yosemite’s Giant Sequoia Trees in the Mariposa Grove. We had really been looking forward to the stop since my partner had never seen the giant Sequoias and I always love a good inspiring walk through the forest. Much to my surprise what we found was anything but inspiring.  We entered the park using the SW entrance via 41 not far from Oakhurst where we were staying. The twenty minute drive to the park was mostly through a graveyard of trees that had been affected by forest fires throughout the years. Several fires have occurred in that area in 1961, 2021, 2022, so the area leading into the park is looking pretty devastated. 

I was hopeful the park would be in better shape.

We paid our entrance fees and headed for the short shuttle ride from the parking lot to the Mariposa Grove where the Giant Sequoias live. We started up the path and the further along we went the more disheartened we became. Little did we know the Mariposa Grove had been affected by the Washburn fire 2022. We continued on to the highlight of the the trail, the Grizzly Giant, which is a little over a mile hike. It was a beautiful tree and mostly saved from fire damage. However, if you continue along the trial to the Tunnel Tree and beyond even more devastation can be seen. Here we encountered more charred forest and signs that a “controlled burn” had taken place.  It was the most depressing walk through the woods I ever took. I write this today not to bash Yosemite, but hopefully prepare others if they also plan a trip to the see Yosemite’s Giant Sequoia Trees in Mariposa Grove.

One last thing, be aware the crowds and wait is huge in the summer so bring plenty of beverages for the trip!

Normal area of Mariposa Grove.

Burned area of Mariposa Grove.

Burned area of Mariposa Grove.

Grizzly Giant Sequoia Tree

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