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Clouds Create Fabulous Florida Skies

I sometimes do a lot of complaining about Florida, but one thing I do love is the cloud action that create our fabulous Florida skies in the summer. The heat and humidity in the summer can be borderline unbearable here and often the flat landscape is not too inspiring. However, in the summer during our rainy, stormy season the skies are the most beautiful seen anywhere. I have been working a series of images featuring some if this cloud action that creates the fabulous Florida skies and like any new project comes new challenges. The movement of the clouds and the wide dynamic range are a few of the challenges I am encountering. And then of course the sand if I take a camera to the beach at sunset. This is not something I am inclined to do, however, one night I took the risk and here is what I came up with. I must say it was a spiritual experience that evening. So much so I named this print “Biblical” and the whole experience has made a weather bird out of me. I am constantly on the look out for stormy, cloudy weather and that cloud break up at sunset.

florida sunset sky

© 2013 Susan McAnany

Thanks for reading and looking and be sure to watch a sunset in your area. You may be surprised just how spectacular it is. More of my work can be viewed on my website.