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New Website for My Art

I am just so thrilled that we have finally completed the new website for my art. It has been in the works for the last month and definitely a labor of love. The redesign of my website has given my art a new fresh look.  I could never have done this by myself and so happy I chose Stijl  for my design partner to get the right look that represent me and my art. I really do want to give a big shout out to Scott at Stijl who wouldn’t stop working on it till we got it just right. I also know I can pick up the phone or send him an email and he will help me out with any future changes to the new website for my art if needed.  That kind of Customer Service is hard to find.  My hosting company IBOD was also so accommodating with all of my test databases. It would have taken forever and a lot of frustration to get answers to some of my questions with one of the mega hosting companies.  A big thanks to both of those companies and huge recommendation if you are looking for a design or hosting company. Thanks for reading and check out the new website for my art.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.19.48 PM