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Thankful for my studio space

As the year comes to an end and I count my blessings, one thing for sure I am thankful for is my studio space.  I work out of my home and although the room is not enormous, only 15 ft x 15 ft, it has met my needs. I was able to black out the windows and the 10 ft ceiling allowed me ample height for studio portraits. I hung a 10 foot seem-less paper dividing the room and allowing for storage of my framed prints and some accessories. I have enough space for a work table on one side and small alcoves on the other side allow shelving of unframed prints, props and equipment.  I have shot thousands of images in this room, used it for shipping and receiving and also made money shooting everything from stock to magazine layout pages, portraits and my creative fine art pieces. I am truly thankful for my studio space.

I am currently looking to move and one thing I know I am going to miss, is my in home studio.

My point is regardless of whether the space where you create is a spare bedroom, a basement space with maybe not quite the ceiling height you want, be thankful. It is a space to store your gear, make art and maybe even some money.

Thanks for reading and more of my work can be found at www.susanmcanany.com.