Hummingbirds Left the Nest

The hummingbirds have left the nest. Actually, it was more like they got so big one fell out of the nest making room for the other one to linger awhile. If you have ever seen a hummingbird nest, you will immediately notice it is very, very small, so I was wondering how long they both would fit. The first one that left stuck around for awhile, fluttering in the plant getting her wings in shape. Momma continued to come to her and feed her as she was perched on a branch.  After a couple of days of flying between two large plants on the patio she took flight. I believe she came to the feeder for a couple of days, but then Momma would chase her off like she did with any other hummingbird that approached the feeder. These birds are very territorial.

The other hummingbird had the nest to itself for a few hours and then it took flight. It made one stop on a ledge and then off it went into the wilds.

Now that the hummingbirds have left the nest, I have to admit I miss the little birds. However, I am happy they both grew up healthy enough so they were able to successfully leave the nest.  I wish them the best and who knows maybe they will visit again next year!

Hummingbird in Plant on Patio 

Momma Hummingbird Feeds Her Chick

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